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Bringing women empowerment through economic independence 


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Katosi Women Development Trust UK (Companies House 7666814) raises funds and support for enabling disadvantaged, rural women living in poverty in Uganda to transform their lives, the lives of their families and their communities.


We support women to help themselves not just for today but for the future.  This means raising funds for:


  • Projects which allow women's self-esteem to grow and open up the opportunities for respect within their family and their communities.  


  • Projects which enable women to take responsiblity and ownership for their own and their families' wellbeing.


  • Projects which enable women to deliver clean water, sanitation, food, better health and schooling to their families.



We work through our Ugandan partner, Katosi Women Development Trust, a registered Ugandan NGO (Registration Number S.5914/6911) who have a 16 year track record of successful working with rural women in the Mukomo district of Uganda to create social and cultural change that sticks.


Our partner identifies and scopes the projects then proposes how funds should be allocated. The UK assesses the feasibilty and impact of the proposed projects, allocates funds and monitors and evaluates project implementation.  


So far we have grown slowly but surely more funding is needed to scale up our operation, to rapidly increase the number of beneficiaries in current area of operation and expand it to more districts than Uganda.



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