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Sarah's story

Nafula Sarah, twenty seven (27) years of age, married with five children (5) and 3 dependents from her co-wife is a member of Nakisunga Women’s Group. Before acquiring a cow from KWDT, her source of income was from the sale snacks to school pupils at a nearby primary school and she used to prepare these herself from home. Unfortunately, after some teachers realized that she was yielding big from this, they decided to terminate her services from this school and one female teacher took over this job.


Although Nafula decided to shift her business to her home the sales were low due to the loss of market at the school and she resolved to close down the business. She resorted to farming, hoping to get some income after every harvest. “Income was unpredictable for example the recent long dry spell resulted in low harvest thus affecting my income”.


“My hope has been resurrected after getting this cow because I expect a lot from it; increased farm yields due to access to cow dung that I will use as manure leading to increased income from the sale of surplus agriculture produce coupled with milk from the cow; my life and the life of my entire family will definitely never be the same again. When I applied for a cow, I prayed that I get an in calf heifer, because when you apply you either wait for a calf or an in calf heifer. For me I was the luckiest, I got one which is already milking and I started enjoying right away. It was overwhelming”, says Nafula Sarah with a lot of excitement after getting an in calf cow that is currently producing 2 litres of milk every day.

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