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rain water harvesting tank

Women with tanks will pay back part of the costs of the tank through KWDT's micro finance scheme.  ​

These 8,000 litre tanks harvest, store and clean the water for home use "water on tap". The tanks are built by women masons from the Katosi (KWDT) groups who have been trained by KWDT in construction and paid by KWDT for their work


A rain water harvesting tank costs £246.  It gives clean water for the family, household cleaning livestock and crop production.  Surplus is sold to provide income.


It saves women and children over 4 hours a day fetching water from a source that can be 2 km away with a risk of exposure to sexual harrassment especially for the girls.  



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Dorothy Nakalema's story


I am one of the proud 22 masons trained by KWDT to construct domestic rainwater harvesting tanks called engineers in the community. I earn UGS 190,000 (£43) from each tank and construct 3-4 tanks per year. I have a domestic rainwater-harvesting tank which I got in 2008; it has eased my household chores. My children no longer fetch water from the well and have time for their studies. I often sell water from my tank as well at UGS 200 (£0.04) per 20 litres. I have met new people and improved my communication skills.

their lives in their hands

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