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£518 - buys a COW for a household that supports 7– 9 household members

  • creates incomes,

  •  improve food and nutritional security

  •  agricultural productivity from use of manure

  • biogas generation at household employment

£46 - buys a BICYCLE

  • With access to a bicycle at household male members assist with household chores eases women and girls of the drudgery.

  • supports  transportation of fodder to the animals from gardens and milk to the market

  • transport for household

£29 - buys a WHEELBARROW

  • transportation of dung to the gardens

  • transport of garden produce to home





£156 - constructs a COWSHED

  • Provides hygienic shelter for the cow.

  • enable collection of dung,  for fertilising gardens and biogas generation





£429 - constructs a BIOGAS DIGESTER

  • reduces  time women spend on collecting firewood

  • reduce deforestation, greenhouse gas emission, eutrophication and air pollution  

  • can be regarded as a form of waste conservation

  • Using the bio slurry as a fertilizer recycles nutrients, preserves soil fertility and improves agricultural production in a sustainable way, without any need for artificial, harmful and costly products

  • reduced respiratory diseases as a result of indoor smoke while cooking

£250 - supports a household of 7 - 9 people to acquire a DOMESTIC TANK

  • Relieves women and girls the burden to haul in water,

  • saves women time to invest in productivity instead of hauling water

  • access to clean safe water

  • supports productivity at household

£1052 - constructs COMMUNAL/SCHOOL TANK FOR 300 - 600 PUPILS

  • Relieves pupils burden to haul in water

  • saves pupils  time to invest in studying

  • access to clean safe water at school

  • protects girl children from sexual harassment during fetching water




£2022 - constructs a COMMUNITY WELL

that serves 25 - 40 households benefiting over 175 people

  • access to clean safe water


£57 - buys a BIOSAND FILTER

  • reduces on expenses on treating water through boiling,

  • supports  access safe drinking water







£214 - constructs a Ventilated Improved Pit (VIP) TOILET

  • Improves hygiene at households

  • reduces prevalence’s of hygiene related diseases at household

  • offers  security and observes privacy for women



£1645 - constructs a COMMUNITY PIT LINED TOILET

  • reduces open defecation and prevalence of diseases







£1428 - constructs a COMMUNITY VIP TOILET for 300 - 600 pupils

  • reduces open defecation

  • prevalence of diseases

  • privacy for girls



£77 - train and establishes SCHOOL SANITATION CLUB for 5 pupils

  • maintain hygiene at schools

  •  promote child to child transfer of good hygiene and sanitation practices


£310 - trains WOMEN MASONS

  • Equip women with masonry skills to repair and maintain WASH Facilities

  • employment for women




£509 - trains 72 WOMEN GROUP LEADERS

  • self-management of groups

  • Mentor women leaders to participate in decision making processes and take leadership roles.







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