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our impact -  "their future in their hands"


Disadvantaged and vulnerable rural women are faced with poverty, lack of land ownership, illiteracy, lack of employment opportunities, personal voilence and sexual abuse,  physical theft and HIV/AIDS infection.  They are not equal and they are not heard in their families and their communities but KWDT's work since 1996 has changed all this for those that we have managed to support so far.  


Katosi Women Development Trust in Uganda has successfully created social and economic change as women together develop productive livelihoods through self-managed groups and supporting projects.  


How it works


Katosi Women Development Trust

Setting up & Maintainig Self-Managed Women's Groups

Projects for Entrepreneurial Development, Health & Empowering Women

Leadership Training

Monitoring Group Performance Sharing Best Practice

Provides Co-operative Marketing Buying & Processing 

Individual & Group Skills Training & Advice for Productive Livelihoods

Identifies New Needs & Projects

Runs a Micro Credit Programme to Fund Individual Women


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their lives in their hands

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