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Mulame's story

Nalongo is a title for the mother of twins, Nalongo Mulame is sixty five years (65) old, a married mother of twins and two other boys, bringing together four children. She takes care of four grandchildren, an elderly relative and an elderly community member who became a permanent family member as she did not have any one to take care of her and she was staying alone. All in all this family brings together a total of nine (9) people.


Before acquiring a cow from KWDT through Nakisunga Women’s group where she is a member, Mulame a devoted peasantry farmer was able generate income at household from the sale of surplus agriculture produce in the community and local markets, only during times of a good harvest.


Nalongo Mulame has an ageing husband of sixty eight years (68) who can’t do much to contribute to food and basic needs at the household, thus the onus lies on her to support the entire family seldomly with support coming from her children; the parents of the four grandchildren.


“That is why I named my cow ‘Hope’ because my hope for a better life with that of my whole family, financially and socially is renewed. I envisage to increase incomes through sale of surplus farm produce from the garden due to increased production as a result of applying cow dung as manure onto my crops and milk is a priceless product for consumption at home and for sale.


“Delayed Hope causes queasiness but when it comes to materialize, it’s a Tree of Life “exclaimed Nalongo Mulame on receiving a cow from KWDT field officer George Katongole.

their lives in their hands

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