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Lydia's story

Lydia Kateregga
At 40 in 2004 fervently supported by my husband, I joined a KWDT group to achieve my dream of owning a cow one day!


I felt warmly welcomed by the group members. Some people warned my husband of the dangers of allowing his wife to join a women’s group. The main danger was being so empowered and thus uncontrollable.


My husband eventually heeded to the warnings from his friends and demanded that I leave the group. When I refused, he even confronted KWDT group members, to stop working with me. At that time, I had applied for a cow from the group; under such circumstances the group did not feel confident to approve my application.


Eventually he got another wife and left us. I was devastated, but stayed and continued to work hard in the group complying to all the group’s norms in the hope of getting a cow in the future.  


I enlisted for training in tank construction and was elected Secretary of the group in 2007. As a leader of the group I attend KWDT Coordination Committee Meetings, crucial for decision making on KWDT programs!


Undeterred, I won the trust of the group members who eventually approved my application to acquire a cow. I got a female calf from Ms. Kidda Phoebe at 4 months, in 2006, which matured and has since given birth 4 times to male calves. I sell on average 6 litres of milk during the lactation period and we consume a litre at home daily. My annual income is at Ug 1,120,000 (£257) from milk, 250,000 (£57) from annual sale of male calves and approximately 100,000 (£19) monthly sell of surplus from the garden.


I recently acquired a biogas digester. Life is good, I simply light up to cook family meals. I will start charging those who flock to my home to teach them how to utilize cow dung and urine from the cow to generate biogas. Of recent the lessons were for free but I have many people asking me to explain the process. I more than glad that I was trained by KWDT.


I receive no support from my husband with whom we have 6 children since 2006; I independently meet my family needs, and life is far better now!

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