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Faridah's story

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Ms. Faridah Nakaye is a 50-year-old widowed mother of 9 children of whom 5 are dead. She is now looking after 5 grandchildren four of whom are the children of the deceased thus orphans.  Single- handedly Ms. Faridah struggles to fend for them and to ensure that all the grandchildren are in school. Although, meeting their school fees and scholastic materials is still a major challenging task for her. 

Ms. Faridah informed us that the day she acquired her cow was one of her highest moments in life “I felt like I was going to start a new life” notes Ms. Farida. Although Ms. Farida has reared cows before while still staying with her former husband, she was heard saying that; “I have waited for so long to do this once again, although I did not know how to start at some point but I always knew that it is one thing that I can do very well’.; She further noted, “When I was staying with my former husband, although the cows were his, it was always me looking after them so l will be able to do the same now”. 

“The 13th of April 2017, the day my cow was brought at my home will always be special to me and immediately I felt this was “KIRABO” (GIFT) because it’s indeed a gift from God. Without KWDT subsidy of 50%, I wouldn’t manage to live my dream.

While I was still living with my husband, we used to rear cows and I remember we started with one cow and by the time we separated, we had 15 zero grazing cows and I had a big hand in this. I haven’t forgotten a thing, and I have a lot of experience as far as cattle rearing is concerned, it’s the reason that I always lived a dream of doing this same job once again that I had treasured so much. So, having a cow in my home is surely a dream come true, I am happy I have a source of income, the cow will soon be giving me milk which I can sell but also consume with my family.”

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