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KWDT projects for self-managed women's groups

Entreprenuerial Development 

  • Enterprise Development

    • Initiating income generating activities - tank building, bee keeping, mushroom farming, fish farming, yoghurt production, soap making 

    • Training in book keeping, record keeping, entrepreneurial skills

    • Co-operative Marketing activities – milk sales, processing, yoghurt making,  buying, fruit trees and animal fodder


  • Integrated Sustainable Agriculture

    • Acquisition of animal, seeds and plants for organic farming

    • Equipping women with knowledge and skills for sustainable, back-yard agriculture

    • Engaging in complementary agricultural production, agro forestry, mushroom growing, bee keeping, fish farming, horticulture and bio gas production


  • Micro Finance

    • Access to credit

    • Promoting a culture of saving

Empowering Women in Africa

  • Mentoring Women for participation in decision making at community and district level

  • Leadership, human rights and advocacy training

  • Advocating for community recognition of women’s rights and abilities and for gender equality

  • Establishing Advocacy Clubs and conducting community dialogues

  • Capacity building to ensure sustainability for the results of the programmes

  • Training women to train others in the community


  • Water, Hygiene and Sanitation for families and local schools

    • Construction of domestic and communal rain water harvesting tanks, community shallow wells, spring wells, drying racks and tippy tap

    • Provision of Ventilated Pit latrines and Ecological Sanitation (Esosan) latrines

    • Establishing school Health and Sanitation Clubs

    • Training for women in hygiene and sanitation

    • Local management and maintenance of water, hygiene and sanitation facilities


  • HIV/AIDS Awareness, Malaria and Water Related Diseases Programmes

    • HIV/AIDS Awareness raising

    • Providing guidance, counselling and referrals for infected women

    • Advocating for improved services and rights for those living with HIV/AIDS


  • Infant, Reproductive and Maternal Health Programmes

    • Training in infant, reproductive and maternal health. 

    • Encouraging mutual support within self-managed groups

    • Advocating for improved health services

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KWDT achieving MDGs

KWDT programmes specifically address the achievement of 4 key Millennium Development Goals

Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger

Promote gender equality and empower women

Improve maternal health


Combat HIV/AIDS, Malaria & other diseases

their lives in their hands

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